Set Foot on Wizard Island

Set Foot on Wizard Island

Crater Lake National Park is taking up to 148 people out to Wizard Island every day this summer, from June through August weather permitting. You could be among them. According to the National Park Service, they’ll be ferrying eager adventurers out to the island four times each day for a three-hour stay. Once you’re out on the island, you can take pictures, explore, swim, fish or just relax.

If you’re not up on your Crater Lake history, Wizard Island emerged from the lake about 7,300 years ago amid a volcanic eruption. Lava flows that punched through the loose cinders left by the eruption created tongues of blocky lava that molded the island. Over time, soil formed, trees grew, and one of the most photographed islands in the world was born.

Be a volcanologist for a day. Lava tongues can be found on the Fumarole Bay Trail. Or check out the volcano’s vent on the Summit Trail. Reservations for this amazing tour are highly recommended through Xanterra Parks & Resorts.

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Photo By Susan Suebert