Fly Fishing the North Umpqua

Fly Fishing the North Umpqua

There is a legendary stretch of the North Umpqua River that has been designated as fly-fishing only since the early 1970s. The Steamboaters, a group of citizens concerned with preserving steelhead runs as well as the natural beauty of the river, worked with lawmakers to protect the waterway from Rock Creek near the town of Glide upstream to Soda Springs dam.

While the North Umpqua is already a challenge for even the most seasoned rod-and-reel enthusiast, the fly-fishing only stretch is especially difficult. That’s just the way avid fly casters want it. Frank Moore, honored World War II vet, local celebrity and TED Talk speaker, is one of the original members of The Steamboaters. He’s also one of the many fly anglers who have cared for and enjoyed this river.

Practice your cast. Do you have what it takes to fish the North Umpqua fly-fishing only stretch? Head on up to Glide and ask someone to show you the way to this renowned stretch of water.

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