Winchester Fish Ladder

Winchester Fish Ladder

Back in 1890, the good people of the region built Winchester Dam. Back then it was a mere four-feet high. Some time later it was raised to hold back more water and create electricity. The only problem was, the fish had a hard time swimming up the spillway. That’s when the fish ladder was built.

Today, that fish ladder is a popular place, playing host to over 80,000 visitors per year. It’s also where biologist count the fish in order to make fishing recommendations to the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Here, you’ll get the chance to see the fish up close thanks to a series of windows that look right into the water. Some of the species you’ll encounter include: Chinook and Coho salmon in the spring, Chinook salmon in the fall, steelhead in the winter and trout as well as suckers, Pacific Lamprey, and Northern Pike Minnow throughout the year.

Swim with the fishes without getting wet. The viewing area is located just east of I-5 on Highway 99 North of Roseburg just before the Winchester Bridge.

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