Yearning for Yurts

Yearning for Yurts

Looking for a cozy, fun place to stay? A yurt might be just the ticket. Especially when you add in the scenic wonder of the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park campground, located less than a mile from the Salmon Harbor on Winchester Bay.

Let’s start with the campground. This is a great spot for both families and couples looking for something new. Love to fish? The nearby freshwater lake is a great spot to try your skills. There are plenty of RV and tent campsites, and a few log cabins. But what really catches the attention of locals and visitors are the six deluxe yurts that sit on the banks of Lake Marie and within walking distance of whale watching on Winchester Bay.

Yearn for a yurt. These traditional, Central Asia dwellings are quickly becoming a favorite in the United States. They are waterproof, windproof, cozy, warm and affordable. These rentals are posh, to say the least. Each one can sleep up to seven people, comes with a kitchen, microwave, refrigerator, bathroom and shower. You can even choose one with a television, outdoor grill and indoor heaters. To reserve your yurt, visit Reserve America.

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