Cow Horn Arch

Cow Horn Arch

You don’t have to travel to the Southwest U.S. to see arch rock formations. We have our own. We call it Cow Horn Arch and it really is something special. And a bit unexpected.

Cow Horn Arch is a natural rock formation found on Butler Butte along the Cougar Butte Trail. While the full hike takes you 6.3 miles into the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness area, the arch is just 200 yards from the trailhead. Yes, you’ll want to marvel at the arch, but if you’re up for the hike it’s highly recommended. You’ll be rewarded with sweeping views of Northern California, alpine meadows full of wildflowers and unusual rock formations.

Check out the arch. The trailhead for Cow Horn Arch is undeveloped, but there is plenty of parking. To find your way, turn off southeast Main Street in Canyonville onto southeast 3rd Street/OR-227. Follow that for 23 miles until you reach the town of Tiller. Turn left onto Country Road 46. Follow that for 5 miles until you reach Forest Road 29 where you will turn right. Follow it for 12 miles to Forest Road 68 and turn right again. Simply follow that for 6 miles to Cougar Butte Trailhead on the left.

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